onsdag den 31. januar 2007

Just another late night blog..

Yup, just wanted to share a bit.. Last night I slept all night long!! On the couch though, but still!

I was just trying to figure out the math for Mette’s big hooray-party that I’m going to cook for. It seems ok, but I just have the feeling of something missing.
I won’t publish the menu just yet, because Mette doesn’t know what I’m going to serve, and I want it to be that way, but I promise that it will be good!!
Yes Mette, this was just a teaser. ;)

And a beautiful picture of Mette, so everyone can see what a fantabulous girl she is!

tirsdag den 30. januar 2007

SLEEP don't talk!!

I'm so tired, so it is going to be a small post today..
Laura had a party again this night. At 2 o'clock I gave in, and moved out of the bedroom.
My couch has been my best friend for several years. Before I knew Martin I had my couch so it's not like I've never slept on it before, and I admit it - when you're as tall (small?) as me, it's perfectly possible to have a brilliant nights sleep on my couch!
Laura by the way didn't sleep until around 4, so she was in pretty bad condition when I woke her up at 6.30. She did all right though, and was happy finally to go to daycare again. :)

mandag den 29. januar 2007

WORK don't talk.. ;)

As the header says I was back at work today. Man I missed it!! Marc (breakfast waiter) and I laughed our brains out at several occasions. It got so bad that one of my colleague chefs yelled at us and complained of our constant chat breaks. I guess he was just jealous because no one was talking to him.. ;)
Apart from that, the day went pretty smooth. Burned my thumb and cut it as well. Nothing serious though, but it was hurting like hell.

Laura stayed at home with Martin today. She’s ok now, but sadly she hosted a one-man party in her bed last night. At 3 she was finally sleeping. I decided that it would be stupid for me to wake her up at 6.30 so Martin was supposed to take her. She didn’t wake up until 10 so neither did Martin and by then it was too late to go to daycare. Today I really hope that she will sleep all night. Either way I’m taking her tomorrow so she can get to play with the other children. She’s SOOO bored at home.

søndag den 28. januar 2007

What a difference a day makes..

Yesterday everything was fluffy and fairytale like. Today it’s just sad and boring. What a Sunday!

Laura was almost free of her fever this morning, and she slept almost all night, in opposite to yesterday where she almost didn’t sleep at all. When Laura sleeps I sleep, so I had a good nights sleep for a change. :)

For once I think that I’ve got our dinner for this evening planned. Yesterday we were going to have beef tortillas, but somehow I forgot to buy beef. Had everything except beef – BOMMER!! Today we are having some really good steaks with mashed roots and lovely fried mushrooms on the side and rose sprouts for me. Martin hates those and Laura might eat one or two.. And yes, I have the meat!! YUM!

Sunday is weight day and this week I didn’t really look forward to it. I know it’s not an excuse but this week has been so exhausting in so many ways. Not even once in this week did I eat the right way.. Luckily it wasn’t that bad. I only gained 100g.


Next week I’m going for it again. Slim me, here I come!!!

lørdag den 27. januar 2007

Uplifting news.. :)

No, we're still not getting better, but at least we had fun today.. Winter came last night - AT LAST!!

So Laura and I dressed up in our thickest clothes (why don't I have winter boots??) and trembled out into the snow. Of course I forgot my camera, like I do every single time, but I took some "after" shots to proove that we were there.

Luckily for my poor winter wardrobe, Laura thinks it's perfectly good fun to run around a bush playing hide and seek. Yes, that is our footprints! Sorry Mette - we'll do the snow angels next year! ;)

Still not getting better..

Well this is probably the most depressing blog EVER! We're still not getting the least bit better. Laura is coughing her lungs out, and my nose just keeps on running.
Yesterday my mother came to visit, but even that didn't seem to help. I just hope that we are fit to go to daycare/work on monday. :) I've still got my fingers crossed!

Well I guess there's nothing new to write about then. Not the least bit of exitement around here so I guess I'll be off for now..

If anyone knows a good joke please share!! ;)

fredag den 26. januar 2007

How long does it take..

Laura is still sick. She's had a fever since last Sunday.. That's almost a week now. Wednesday we started the penicillin, but nothing has changed. I too have got sick with sore throat and runny nose and headache but it's nothing compared to my baby girl..