mandag den 19. februar 2007


Today they had a Shrovetide party at Laura's daycare. Laura was dressed as Minnie Mouse, but a homemade version of her, and without the ears. She was SO cute.. Just wanted to share.. ;)

søndag den 18. februar 2007


Finally Mette’s birthday party is over. Of course I mean that in the best possible way, but as you might have read in an earlier post, I was cooking for the party, and the project has taken up a lot of space in my mind.

The menu was:

Steamed rolls of salmon and seaweed with dill and onion

Inside-out vegetarian maki with mascarpone wasabi, cucumber and iceberg salad

Napoleon tarts filled with mushroom, apple and rosemary (so cute :))

Terrine of lamb and veil with hazelnuts, capers, sun dried tomatoes and marinated garlic

Soy sauce marinated tenderloin of pork with ginger roasted mushrooms

Falafel with spicy Sambal Olek dip

Lovely Thai fishcakes with a fresh lime dressing

Satay chicken on spears
BBQ marinated drumsticks
Loads of vegetables
(carrot, cucumber, sugar snaps, celery and baby corn) with dip
Sorry.. Don't know why I never got a picture of the last two..

Nina helped me out and thank god!
I couldn’t have done it without her - Thank you Nina!

The trays were dressed up with pink and purple napkins and glittery butterflies. Perfect match for a princess!! Unfortunately we were running late, so I never got to take some decent photos. You will have to settle with these.
By the way - if you need food for at party please fell free to contact me. :)

onsdag den 7. februar 2007

Wohoo!! :)

Quite a lot has happened since my last post.. We went to Kolding to visit my parents (and my brother!!) last weekend.

I bought my first digital scrapbooking kit, I got a flat tire on my bike, and this morning I got an e-mail from Basic Grey!! Wohoo.. My layout has been selected to appear on their gallery site. You’ve already seen the layout though. It’s the one on the bottom of this side. But if you want to see it for your self, here is the link - just search for my name on the list. :)