fredag den 23. marts 2007


Det er jo en helt ny verden der har åbnet sig for mig.. :D Tænk at kunne lave et LO på under en time.. Det er jo helt vildt! - Og så ligner mit skrivebord endda sig selv..

Jeg fik jo lidt blod på tanden med foregående LO så her kommer lige et til.. :)

Endnu et Jen Caputo template. Noget mere Holly McCraig goodies og så lidt Amy Wolff papir som jeg har vist for et par måneder siden..

torsdag den 22. marts 2007

Jubelen vil ingen ende tage!!

Åhh jeg bliver nødt til at skrive dette på dansk, for ihh hvor er jeg glad!

Jeg har med Karens hjælp endelig fået hul på Digitalscrap bylden.. Ikke noget stort hul, men dog et hul.. Karen har lavet et par videotutorials og efter at have nærkigget dem har jeg nu lavet et LO med hjælp fra en template. Templatet jeg har brugt er den samme som i Karens video. - det skulle jo ikke blive for svært.. ;) Det er lavet af Jen Caputo og kan hentes på Papiret jeg har brugt er også af en designer som Karen har anbefalet i sin blog, nemlig Holly McCaig.

Det var super nemt, men jeg skylder Karen al æren.. Jeg havde aldrig fundet ud af det på egen hånd.

Mit næste problem bliver så bare billederne, da næsten alle de billeder jeg har af Gåsen er af så lav opløsning at de passer i en mail.. ØV!

mandag den 19. marts 2007

No clue..

On they have a few challenges at the moment. One of them has a super prize. You can win a trip to a scrapbooking convention in Sweden.. I would love to win, but I have no clue of how to make the damn LO. It must be an a-å of your love to scrapbooking, and why you should go to Sweden. I have the words, but not the idea of how to put them. Damn!

Majers challenge on the other hand is done in a couple of days. On this one you have to sew. I'm in a bit over my head, and have used quite a bit of F-words. I have chosen not to use a sewing machine, so I'm doing it all by hand.
But WHY.. Because I wanted to when I first started, and now it's too late to change my mind. Stubborn - who me?

mandag den 5. marts 2007


Last Saturday I cooked for a 50th birthday/brunch.

They had:

Salmon spinach roulade with sweet mustard
Shellfish marinated in fresh herbs and limejuice
Small grilled chorizo, Provence and ordinary sausages
2 kinds of meat (pålæg?)
Rosettes of Parma ham with thyme mascarpone
Omelet with broccoli and bacon
Potato tortillas – which I unfortunately forgot at home
3 kinds of cheese
American pancakes
Greek yoghurt
Fresh exotic fruit
Vegetable snacks
Bread and butter

I cooked way too much, but I think it’s SO hard to tell in advance how much to cook. Better safe than sorry.
They were very pleased with the food and so was I.

As soon as I got home I bought a brand new coat. I have needed one all year, and last year as well, so I thought it was about time. And I just felt like spoiling my self just a bit. Disappointingly I haven’t got a picture to share. You’ll have to meet me to see it! ;)

March kalendar

As usual I have sent a small LO for Laura’s aunt for her calendar. I’m not particularly pleased with this LO. I shouldn’t have glued on the red pearls, and the ladybird ribbon was a poor attempt to save it. The photo doesn't do it much justice either, but it's sooo hard to wait until daylight to take the damn picture. ;)

However the LO tells how Laura almost got a new room. We took our bedroom apart and put it together in a new way, so that Laura has got the whole width of the room and all the light from the window as well. It has turned out VERY well, and it pleases my eye every time I enter the room. :) Laura loves it too and spends more time then ever in her new room.

- As always on these LO's I only used LilyKate paper.


Maybe I should try to catch up a bit on recent events. A week ago I made a LO for a scrap challenge. Scrap your newest shoes!
The shoes I chose to scrap were my working shoes.
I wanted to add a coffee stain on the LO but it destroyed both picture and text so I had to redo it – can you get coffee stain rub-ons? :) Notice the headline. It is rub-ons on a picture of the bottom of my very filthy shoe.

I really like how the the LO turned out, but would have liked the coffee stain.

- The paper is all DCWV and colors I usually don’t use. All in all a great challenge.

Oh by the way; This LO made it to 1st runner up.