lørdag den 27. januar 2007

Uplifting news.. :)

No, we're still not getting better, but at least we had fun today.. Winter came last night - AT LAST!!

So Laura and I dressed up in our thickest clothes (why don't I have winter boots??) and trembled out into the snow. Of course I forgot my camera, like I do every single time, but I took some "after" shots to proove that we were there.

Luckily for my poor winter wardrobe, Laura thinks it's perfectly good fun to run around a bush playing hide and seek. Yes, that is our footprints! Sorry Mette - we'll do the snow angels next year! ;)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Sine
    Tillykke med din nye blog....den er da lækker.

    og det der emd at glemme kameraet kender jeg alt for godt ....men en sjov ide at tage billeder af fodsporene . Det kan der da kommet et sjovt layout ud af ;O)

  2. Hi Sine,

    I made a lot of snowangels yesterday and today but you're on next year :)

    Lots of love