mandag den 29. januar 2007

WORK don't talk.. ;)

As the header says I was back at work today. Man I missed it!! Marc (breakfast waiter) and I laughed our brains out at several occasions. It got so bad that one of my colleague chefs yelled at us and complained of our constant chat breaks. I guess he was just jealous because no one was talking to him.. ;)
Apart from that, the day went pretty smooth. Burned my thumb and cut it as well. Nothing serious though, but it was hurting like hell.

Laura stayed at home with Martin today. She’s ok now, but sadly she hosted a one-man party in her bed last night. At 3 she was finally sleeping. I decided that it would be stupid for me to wake her up at 6.30 so Martin was supposed to take her. She didn’t wake up until 10 so neither did Martin and by then it was too late to go to daycare. Today I really hope that she will sleep all night. Either way I’m taking her tomorrow so she can get to play with the other children. She’s SOOO bored at home.

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