lørdag den 19. juli 2008

Så er det CT-tid..

I’m looking for super talented girls who knows how to work a template to the fullest.

My only requirements are :

That you can make at least three projects pr. month from the provided templates* and that you can keep a deadline.
You will usually have max. a week to finish.
*bigger projects may occur and time requirements will be adjusted.
You’ll have to upload your layouts to at least 3 galleries SO and DST being the two of them.

If you like my templates and would love to work with them, don’t hesitate to send me a brief bio and a link to your most up to date gallery.
I’ll then send you some of my templates for you to work with and from the results I’ll chose my new team.

Send your aplication to sine@bysine.com
Check out my templates at Scraporchard.com

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