mandag den 19. marts 2007

No clue..

On they have a few challenges at the moment. One of them has a super prize. You can win a trip to a scrapbooking convention in Sweden.. I would love to win, but I have no clue of how to make the damn LO. It must be an a-å of your love to scrapbooking, and why you should go to Sweden. I have the words, but not the idea of how to put them. Damn!

Majers challenge on the other hand is done in a couple of days. On this one you have to sew. I'm in a bit over my head, and have used quite a bit of F-words. I have chosen not to use a sewing machine, so I'm doing it all by hand.
But WHY.. Because I wanted to when I first started, and now it's too late to change my mind. Stubborn - who me?

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